Cash Me

If You Can


The incredible true story of a down-on-his-luck man who cashed a $100,000 phony, junk mail check as a joke, and fought the world's biggest bank when it actually cleared.

A true life David and Goliath tale that captured the imagination of millions.

Featured on ABC Evening News, NBC Nightly News, The View, The Late Show, among many others.

Recently played at the CanStage Berkeley St. Theatre for a 2 week run in December, 2019.  

Currently in Development for a Feature Documentary.

Produced by Hank Starrs, Elan Wolf Farbiarz and Jamie Ganache.

Directed by Oliver Jennings

Written by TJ Dawe

Vote For Pedro: The Story of Napoleon Dynamite

The inspirational story of how the cleanest comedy of all time captivated the hearts of America.  Sprung from Mormon roots, Napoleon Dynamite continues to be a cult classic almost 20 years later.  

Produced by Hank Starrs, Elan Wolf Farbiarz and Scott Wolfman



Channeling Kevin Spacey

Channeling Kevin Spacey debuted in 2008, and quickly turned into a box office touring success.  


The show is about Charlie, a man who is used to being a pushover and feels his life is mimicking the weak characters of Kevin Spacey's earlier roles.  He decides to shed that persona and take on the machismo characters of Al Pacino instead.

Channeling Kevin Spacey transferred to Off-Broadways St. Lukes Theatre where is it ran for 2+ years.

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Becoming Banksy

Becoming Banksy debuted in Winnipeg and Edmonton in 2013 where it won multiple festival awards.  The show transferred to Toronto in 2018 where it played for a 3 week run.  

Becoming Banksy follows an English tourist, Will Banks, who is mistaken for the world famous, anonymous artist.  


The Movies (abridged)

The Movies (abridged) debuted in Toronto in 2008, instantly becoming a huge box office success.  The show toured North America over the next decade, continuing to evolve to capture the new movies of today and yesterday.  

The Movies (abridged) is a fast paced show that parodies movies of every genre, from the greatest critically acclaimed movies of all time to the most beloved bubblegum films we all grew up watching.

Shows Worth Watching

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